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Date of birth: 19/04/1980

Place of Birth: Sassari

m. 1,70

kg. 77

Speciality Skeet (125 shots)


Back to the Olympics after the surrender of Valerio Luchini, because he, as a skeet expert, seizes the opportunities. He started shooting clay pigeon when he was seven years old, in the family's shooting field (his father Paul was his first coach); at age 36, in his elite, he also has two European titles, nearly as many of his degrees: one in Biological Sciences; the second, still under construction, in Experimental and Applied Biology. His free time is dedicated to hunting, fishing, running and basketball, because the blue Ozieri never stops. And after the 5th place in London in 2012 and a world record of affected plates (124 of 125, obtained in Tucson in 2014), he can only aim higher.

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Records and medals in international, national and youth competitions

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Go to the Qualified Athletes List Status: Individual spots 29/03/2016
First Club: Skeet Club Ozieri
Club: Esercito
First Coach: Rossana Bernardini
Coach: Andrea Benelli
Other sports: Basketball
Hobby: Hunting, fishing
Relationship Status: Single


Olympic Games

5° Londra 2012

World Championship

22° Belgrado 2011
17° Lima 2013
6° Granada 2014
20° Lonato 2015

European Championship

7° Nicosia 1998
3° Poussan 1999
3° Montecatini 2000
21° Kazan 2010
44° Belgrado 2011
10° Larnaca 2012
2° Suhl 2013
1° Sarlospuszta 2014
1° Maribor 2015

World Cup

6° Izmir 2010
12° Gabala 2014

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