Edra is a family business established in 1987, whose production is based on flexible types of design that mutate the creative concepts in industrial projects without losing sight of the unique manual intervention, which characterizes Edra’s processes.



Exnovo, a leading manufacturer of decorative lighting, uses 3D printing technologies combined to artisanal work and traditional processes. In Trento, it produces small collections of designer lamps, limited editions, unique and custom-made pieces for its clients, and it is among the official suppliers of Casa Italia with its hanging lamps Louie.



Cantine Ferrari and the Italian sport: a long love story, which continues to Rio 2016, where it will be possible to drink and toast with the Italian excellence of Cantine Ferrari. For over a century, it accompanied not only Italian sport successes, but also the important institutional and cultural moments, becoming an ambassador of that unique Italian lifestyle that the whole world loves and appreciates.



The company is leader in the production of LED lighting and has been successfully operating throughout Italy and abroad. Nobile Italia will provide a range of devices for the lighting of the projects decorating Casa Italia, highlighting the environment and integrating perfectly in the architecture with the latest LED technologies.



Technogym is hte official supplier of all the centers for athletes training at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Technogym will provide a full range of equipment, services and solutions for the main training center (about 2000 square meters) at the Olympic Village in Barra, available for all the athletes taking part to the Games. It will also equip 15 centers and preparation areas, designed for the various disciplines in the competition venues as the Aquatics Centre, the Olympic golf course and tennis center.



Ethimo, with its furnitures, was selected to best express what Italy has to offer in the field of design devoted to the outdoors. The company furnishes outdoor spaces dedicated to relaxation and conviviality, with the experience of those who make materials, colors, and creativity the crucial elements of their projects. With its unique style, inspired by the landscape and the Mediterranean nature, Ethimo translates with knowledge and passion the Italian culture of living en plein air, providing its outdoor solutions, creating special and customized layouts, able to fit perfectly in any context.



Eccellenze Campane is an agricultural centre of excellence based in Naples, which unites local small businesses, active in various sectors. Through a partnership with CONI, it will delight athletes in Casa Italia with the best typical products from Campania.



ILM is a company specialized in lighting, with roots in the Seventies. Completely made in Italy, ILM products stands out for their peculiar feature of being produced directly in their establishments in Velletri (RM). ILM will be at Casa Italia, lighting the art installations in the club.



Since 1966, Gufram produces design icons, born from the contamination of the industrial design approach, the production craft and the creative flair of visual art. Kept in major museums around the world, for the Olympic Games Rio 2016, Gufram brings to Casa Italia some of its masterpieces such as the famous sofa BOCCA® in the shape of sensual red lips, the soft seating Summertime designed by the artist Valerio Berruti and the chairs of the series CAPITELLO, a pop tribute to the Italian classicism.



Recognized worldwide as a standard bearer of values and made-in-Italy, Kartell furnishes Casa Italia during Rio 2016. The products, made of unmistakable color, irony and transparencies, embody the essence of the Kartell design and they are a symbol of high quality and technological cutting-edge content. Bringing these values to Rio is the heart of the collaboration with Casa Italia.


Spacecannon SNE

Spacecannon SNe has accepted the invitation to become the official supplier of Casa Italia both for the value of the project and to accept the challenge of engaging with an international market. Proud to promote the "Made in Italy" in the world, Spacecannon SNe at Casa Italia has already won its gold medal by being able to employ the world's most powerful light, Xenon - 72,000 watts - that will make Casa Italia visible from a distance of 15 kilometers.



Slamp was selected to illuminate the exclusive Casa Italia, with its Chantal, La Lollo and Mille Bolle, made respectively by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, Lorenza Bozzoli and Adriano Rachele. These pieces will represent, in perfect synthesis between architectural and sartorial virtuosity, new artistic trends and the latest generation of Slamp materials.



CÎROC®, the Ultra-Premium vodka distilled from grapes, will be the luxury spirit that will animate the events of Casa Italia at the Olympic Games of Rio 2016 in the exclusive location of the Costa Brava Clube. The vodka bottle with its unmistakable blue shades will be the central ingredient of a cocktail dedicated to Italy that will evoke the flavors and fragrances of Italy. The cocktail, created by Fabrizio Fischione, Brand Ambassador Ciroc, has three color levels: from deep red to the candid white of the pasteurized egg white, passing through the green of basil decorating the glass. All mixed with guava and two Italian products of exception: Sicilian lemons and the Primitivo giovane. The CIORC cocktail is a contamination between Brazil and Italy that of displaying the spirit of Casa Italia summarized in Ciaolà, term born from the union of Italian and Portuguese words of greetings, a sign of welcome, also represented by the bridge that connects the rock on which it is situated Casa Italia to the mainland by ideally combining the ocean and the city .



The history of Bonifiche Ferraresi begins in 1871. It became part of the main Italian agricultural companies in 1872, when it was authorized by royal decree to operate in the Kingdom of Italy, with the name of the Società per la Bonifica dei Terreni Ferraresi. The lands of Bonifiche Ferraresi are destined to the cultivation of rice, corn, soft and hard wheat, barley, sugar beets, alfalfa, sunflower, soybean, medicinal plants and fruits. Major investments have been done to become market leader in cattle rearing and olive growing.



The Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro was founded in 1977 as a cooperative aimed to bring together and unite all the producers of tomato on the territory in a single reality. The Consortium in 2015 has confirmed its important role of reference in the field of national and international co-packing through collaborations with food multinational and by the continuous growth of its Pomì brand in international markets, especially the American one. Recently it has implemented a computer system for the end user capable of recording and retrieving all the information concerning the operations going from cultivation to the finished product (Pomìtrace) giving consumers detailed information about each individual package, in order to ensure total transparency on the final product.



The story tells that grana cheese was born in the Po valley in 1134 in the Abbey of Clairvaux, a few kilometers south of Milan. It was produced in special boilers inside the monasteries that can be considered the first dairies farms. The monks called the products caseus vetus, old cheese. In 1996, Grana Padano was awarded the Denominazione di Origine Protetta by the European Union.



UNAPROL was founded in 1966 as national union between olive producers directing the management and disbursement of EU aid to the production of olive oil and table olives. It has always been the largest and most representative organization in the olive sector at national level and EU level. 196.000 olive producers are part of it, producing 1,720,000 tons of oil. Unaprol main activities are: the enhancement and promotion of the quality and consumption through the adoption of traceability systems and product certification; being an observer member of International Olive Oil Council Madrid (COI), a body set up under the United Nations with the main purpose of organizing the world olive growing development policies.



Unione Italiana Vini is the oldest association in the wine sector. Founded in Milan in 1895 by a group of wine traders with a clear intention: to combat duty rate and fraud and to become the leading organization of the agro-industrial sector. As a fairly new organization it also sees a need to provide companies with a network of services useful for the development of wine trades. This association is also involved in wine transportation, purchasing and building railway wagons tanks that are then available to its members, as well as giving life to the railway workshops of Foggia. Today, the association represents more than 50% of the national turnover in the sector of wine trade and 85% of exports; works on behalf of companies through its operating structures - laboratories, technical advisory services, legal and tax to the shareholders, the editorial and the exhibition activity – for the economic and qualitative growth of the entire sector.

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