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Date of birth: 24/12/1985

Place of Birth: Genova

m. 1,78

kg. 70

Speciality 8-team Tournament


She has gained considerable Olympic experience thanks to when she competed in Beijing and London, making her one of the most senior elements of the group coached by Fabio Conti. She started playing relatively late, when she was about 15, but she immediately gained confidence, quickly learning the movements and the technical basics of this sport. She doesn’t have a single favourite athlete but she has greatly admired Boris Zlokovic, a Serb former water polo player with a past in the Pro Recco, with whom she shares the same role.

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Records and medals in international, national and youth competitions

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Go to the Qualified Athletes List Status: Individual spots 26/03/2016
First Club: RN Camogli
Club: Bogliasco Bene
First Coach: Luigi Revello
Coach: Mario Sinatra
Position: Hole set
Other sports: Basketball
Hobby: Music, chocolate
Relationship Status: Single


Olympic Games

6° Pechino 2008
7° Londra 2012

World Championship

7° Montreal 2005
5° Melbourne 2007
9° Roma 2009
4° Shanghai 2011
10 ° Barcellona 2013
3° Kazan 2015

European Championship

2° Belgrado 2006
4° Malaga 2008
4° Zagabria 2010
1° Eindhoven 2012
4° Budapest 2014
3° Belgrado 2016

World Cup

2ª Cosenza 2006

2ª Tianjin 2011

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