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The Technical Director, Giuseppe La Mura, at the end of the appropriate technical checks, has officially announced the formation of the boats competing from the 6th to 14th August in the races of the XXXI Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. 

The following are the formations of the six Italian crews entered in the Olympic Games, with the reservations provided for by the CIO rules: 

COXLESS PAIR MEN SENIOR: Giovanni Abagnale, Vincenzo Maria Capelli.
DOUBLE SCULLS MEN SENIOR: Romano Battisti, Francesco Fossi.
FOUR WITHOUT COXSWAIN  MEN SENIOR: Matteo Lodo, Domenico Montrone, Giuseppe Vicino, Marco Di Costanzo.
LIGHTWEIGHT DOUBLE SCULLS MEN: Marcello Miani, Andrea Micheletti.
LIGHTWEIGHT COXLESS FOUR MEN: Martino Goretti, Livio La Padula, Pietro Willy Ruta, Stefano Oppo.

RESERVE SENIOR: Matteo Castaldo


PAIR WITHOUT COXSWAIN WOMEN SENIOR: Alessandra Patelli, Sara Bertolasi.


280 Italian athletes have qualified for the Rio 2016 Games (147 men and 133 women) in 28 different sports, with 212 individual passes.

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