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A new travel companion joins the Italia Team. A very special athlete: it is Snoopy wearing the Italian jersey. The idea stemmed from the will to create a new and innovative licensing activity, linking the CONI brand with the image of a transversal testimonial with values rooted in the territory and coherent with the principal values of Sports at all levels, thus amplifying positive messages, and at the same time serving as a useful communication tool. A logic that aims to extend the research and use of sponsorships beyond the Olympic year, becoming a standard feature in fundraising of the new model of management of Italian Sports, with further positive effects on the system and to the benefit of all stakeholders.

With a co-branding agreement, unique in its kind, CONI will develop and implement a co-branding project that has Snoopy involved in all the Olympic disciplines in the role of Italia Team athlete. The program will cover various product areas: from the world of games, with soft toys and educational games on the subject of sports, to the world of clothing, accessories and services, creating an important flux of royalties.

This innovation in the licensing world was presented at the VIP Gallery of the Centrale del Tennis by CONI President Giovanni Malagò, by the Deputy Secretary and Head of Olympic Preparation Carlo Mornati, by Marketing Director Diego Nepi, by Senior Director of Peanuts Tara Botwick, in the presence of Project Advisor Maurizio Occhipinti.

The event was attended also by various testimonials of Italian sports such as the women’s beach volley couple Menegatti and Orsi-Toth, world champion sailors Giulia Conti and Francesca Clapcich, Olympic champions Carlo Molfetta and Antonio Rossi, former basketball player Carlton Myers and race walker Marco De Luca.


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