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Date of birth: 07/02/1989

Place of Birth: Isola della Scala

m. 1,77

kg. 72

Speciality Track Omnium, Road race


Be it on track or on road, what’s important for him is going faster than the others. After having practiced tennis, skating and football, at the age of eight he started cycling with a friend and has never stopped since. All he needs is a bike, with which to win a leg of the Tour of Italy or, on the track, to become a many times European champion in the open race. At 27, the athlete from Isola della Scala comes to Rio to improve his sixth place earned at London 2012. In Brazil, he will also find his girlfriend Elena Cecchini: another athlete who knows something about speed. In fact, the Italian cyclist will compete in the team race. Together they share hard work, joy, training and the playful affection of Attila, a French Bouledogue puppy who greets them enthusiastically when they come home.

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Medal table

Achievements at the Olympic Games

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1 0 0


Records and medals in international, national and youth competitions

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Go to the Qualified Athletes List Status: Individual spots 20/05/2016
First Club: Luc Bovolone
Club: Sky Pro Cycling Team
First Coach: Lino Scapini
Coach: Marco Villa
Other sports: Tennis, swimming
Hobby: Cars, cinema, shopping, dogs
Relationship Status: Single


Olympic Games

6º Londra 2012 - Omnium (pista)

38º Londra 2012 - in linea (strada)

World Championship

7° Manchester 2008 – Americana (pista)
7° Pruszków 2009 – Americana (pista)
18° Pruszków 2009 – Corsa a punti (pista)
11° Ballerup 2010 - Inseguimento a squadre (pista)
7° Ballerup 2010 – Americana (pista)
15° Ballerup 2010 – Scratch (pista)
15 Ballerup 2010 – Omnium (pista)
2º Apeldoorn 2011 - Scratch (pista)
7º Apeldoorn 2011 - Omnium (pista)
6º Apeldoorn 2011 - Americana (pista)
15º Apeldoorn 2011 – Inseguimento a squadre (pista)
80° Copenaghen 2011 - In linea (strada)
21° Melbourne 2012 – Scratch (pista)
24° Melbourne 2012 – Omnium (pista)
10° Melbourne 2012 – Americana (pista)
11° Cali 2014 - Inseguimento a squadre (pista)
14° Cali 2014 – Scratch (pista)
13° Cali 2014 - Corsa a punti (pista)
6° Cali 2014 – Americana (pista)
2° Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines 2015 – Americana (pista)
3° Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines 2015 – Omnium (pista)
16° Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines 2015 - Inseguimento a squadre (pista)
4° Londra 2016 – Omnium (pista)
6° Londra 2016 – Scratch (pista)
4° Londra 2016 - Inseguimento a squadre (pista)

European Championship

1° Panevėžys 2012 – Corsa a punti (pista)
1° Apeldoorn 2013 – Corsa a punti (pista)
1° Baie-Mahault 2014 – Omnium (pista)
1° Grenchen 2015 – Omnium (pista)

World Cup

3° 2015

Olympic Games medal table

  gold silver bronze
Rio 2016 Track Omnium 1 0 0
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